What is that smell? It smells so bad but it looks interesting. Its nail time. Mommy always does her nails when she has company. But what is that burning smell? Her eyes are so wide and she is so nice when she does her nails. I wish she did them everyday. She is happy when she does her nails, but I’m hungry though I want ask her to eat but I don’t want mess up her nail time. 

There is this glass object in this brown paper bag, what is it? It looks funny and its burnt.it also has baby powder in a little glass. Can I use this on my Barbie?  My mommy takes it from me and said it was her friend. I ask was it a toy? She had no answer. My mommy sleeps all day an smokes cigarettes all day and im hungry.

 My grandma calls downstairs and ask what is that burning smell. My mom yells nothing it’s my nail stuff. Grandma was always angry at mommy , I don’t know why.My grandma takes me and feeds me. She then takes me to church with her every Sunday.

15 thoughts on “Acrylic 

  1. Well written, moving , inspiring, deep…giving us just enough yet giving us all of you…amazing I look forward to every post….( and book) 😉

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  2. Amazingly written!! I’m proud of you for putting your memories and feelings out for the world to see. I hope this blog brings you a little closer to a sense of peace within. I look forward to your future posts. Keep it up!😘

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