Being an only child has pros but also has cons. I’m not sure how grandma found out about this program or all the stuff she got me into but she did. We went to the city to interview and of course here go the questions again about me and what I like and don’t like.  But I found out this place was the big sister program headquarters. So let’s just say my very first encounter wasn’t the best.

There was this lady her name was Tasha. She was nice, just got married and didn’t have kids that’s what she told me. I liked her because she was pretty so I thought hey she’s pretty she must be nice I can do this lol. Well the following week she picked me up and took me to the movies. We had fun and I thought she liked me , we had a great time. I don’t remember the movie it was but I was excited to go again. She was suppose to get me again in 2 weeks but she didn’t show up. My grandmother called but no answer . The agency called and got no answer at all. She disconnected her communication. I was so hurt and sad, here I go again people leaving me again. So of course I cried , who wouldn’t? I was done. But grandma wasn’t done neither was the agency. They had to find me another big sister, but a good one this time.i hated going to this place because it was in the city and I hated the dirty trains lol, but I went lol.

So we get there and there was this really pretty lady. She smiled at me and I blushed. I said Ronny grandma “that’s my big sister” , she said ” we don’t know yet”. So the lady called us in and said she found another sister for me and called her in and guess what it was her the pretty lady in the lobby. I was so happy her name is Amy !

She took me everywhere, movies, the city, museums, radio city, mets game, Tavern on the Green. I went to her home, I stayed over , she taught me new things, even influenced me to the profession I hold today. She came to my choirs anniversaries at my church. She even held my 12th birthday party at her place. She taught me so much, and of course I gave her a hard time at times but I didn’t mean to be difficult. What I do to deserve such a sister like her? That’s what I thought . I thought she would come one time and leave me like the others. But she didn’t , maybe my luck was changingπŸ€”.

That all changed when she left me for good. Her boyfriend and her decided to move to California 😳 . Why did she have to go? Was I not good enough? Was life better there than here? Could I come ? I felt sad , depressed and just hurt. I love her she was my sister for years , she watched me grow. She taught me about makeup and hair stuff , and shoes. She taught me that love has no color ❀️. She still sent Birthday and birthday cards. She never forgot. She always thought of me and so did her boyfriend. They even got married and now is very successful and have 2 handsome boys. I’m blessed!

8 thoughts on “Sista sista

  1. Awww! This makes me feel good. I think I remember something about you being a tad disappointed that I wasn’t black – LOL. I forgot about your first big sister until now – she missed out! Who knows what her story was, but I certainly lucked out because of her! You were so much fun, Shannon. Maybe a bit sassy at times, but so full of love and an incredible zest for life. I loved spending weekends with you – all of our adventures, getting to know your friends, your family. You know I adore your Grandma – even if she was dragging you all over the place and putting you in every program she could find. πŸ˜€ Her heart was always in the right place. YOU, and only YOU. She’s always wanted the best for you. But that’s how it is for parents & grandparents – doing the best they can even if the kids don’t always think so! As we now know – with our own kiddos! And I’m grateful that your Grandma hooked you up with Big Sisters. It was meant to be – I was so lucky to have YOU in my life. The hardest thing about leaving you NY, Shannon, was leaving you. But here we are, still in each others lives, after all these years!

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      1. LOL.
        We had a good time.
        And growing up on the other side of the state – and I really missed being around kids. I was working in NYC, away from family, and my friends were in their 20s, like me, without any kids. Having a relationship with you brought me so much joy, Shannon – you made NY feel more like home.
        And you invited me into your world!
        Which was pretty amazing for a young girl who’d been through so much.
        Thanks for letting me in.

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