Faith! As children some of us are brought to church to learn about Christ. Some as adults grow to learn on their own. But what some people tend to do is do what they want and use the word faith without the true intentions of faith. Some of y’all might get a little upset on this topic however you can feel what you want but let’s be clear you can take it or leave it. 

I was raised in church since 2 months old as my grandma told me. However I only remember from 5 until now. But I can tell you that the Bible was in my life until I had my daughter. I learned about “Christian” ways and the “unchristian ” ways . What we are supposed to do what not to do. What life we are suppose to lead and what life not too. But what I never understood was when you are in the “House of the Lord” and your hearing the word what word ar some hearing? I ask because some people do some off the wall things , for example : talking about people, yelling, not talking to people , judging , etc. it was like you go to church then come home and it’s free ball or don’t even wait to leave the church.

How about stuff happening in the world, old school superstitions, and what to do for a positive year etc. Where was your faith? If you have Faith in the Lord why would you need the superstitions or old wivestales. Why do people turn on and off their faith? Do they not believe or do they believe when its convenient? Why do people feel the need to push on you their beliefs but get offended or angry when you don’t feel the same way? Where is their “Christian” like attitude ? You can’t force people to believe in what you believe in and you certainly can’t force people either. 

I grew up in church and yes I believe but is my faith strong like it used to? I have faith but it’s not as hardcore as before. Do I believe that the Lord will bring me through? Absolutely! I just learn to see the fake in the people who consider themselves “Christians” and they are not! People don’t surprise me anymore, it’s almost expected. I should not have to explain myself to anyone about my Faith because it’s my faith! 

My grandmother wants me to go the church but I feel like why do I have to go to church to prove my love and respect to the most High? I teach my kids about him all the time and know one should even think about questioning me about that. I do believe that church is the biggest scheme of it all. I never understood how a mega church “bishop, pastor” can live in million dollar homes, drive Bentleys etc, and your some of your church members are living in property, regular homes, kias, hondas, etc.  they pay their “10%” and where does that really go? We out here struggling and they out there buying private jets. Mind you the house some of them live in mortgages are paid but the church , funny ain’t it ! So let’s see what’s really going on. Church folks are so willing to judge but never themselves! Remember some people only are faithful when things goes their way! Let that sink in. Stay tuned !

7 thoughts on “Faith

  1. GOD is all about LOVE for me. About being compassionate, kind, and generous. It’s important to carry your principles with you everywhere you go because God is inside of us. Churches, mosques, and temples should help to bring us together, and when they do, that’s a beautiful thing. But when they preach hatred, anger, and fear, it just divides us. We’re all human and we all deserve love and respect. Why is there so much talk about “values” coming from a place of downright exclusivity and mean spiritedness? That’s not the God I know.

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  2. This is the truth! Those who get mad, truly can’t accept it. I’m flesh and bones so for damn sure far from perfect. I recognize God and the necessity in my life. People love to judge, to make themselves feel better and to be less sinful, puuuuleaaaase! The church folk can have it. My faith and relationship is what I work on.
    I LOVED This post!

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