Why do we sell ourselves short on love? Do you settle for the thought of what we want or do we just take what we think we deserve? Is there really a thing called ” happily ever after”? 

You have that woman when she is a child dreams of that fairytale, the one where the prince fights all the evil ringer to his princess. The one who announces his true love for you and you blush with happiness and yall get married and blah blah blah. All of us go through that in life however did you end up with that ? Is this the life you thought you would have? Is it to late for you? 

What happen to the dream of love? That love that when all you think about is Him or Her? Does this still exist? What happen to the thought of loving someone so much that your heart skips a beat when you hear their name or voice? In the world we live in now is this still the major goal? Besides the money, the house, the cars, even the kids is this still a possibility? Do you still want this? When you thought you had this did you feel short of the goal?

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