What is depression? Feelings  of severe despondency and dejection.

It’s not easy being forward with your feelings and most time people who deal with this don’t. People really don’t know what it feels like when you are down and out. Trying to show strength on the outside but your weak on the inside. Always feeling  down and alone, know one can help you because you can’t help yourself. It’s like your trapped in a box and can’t get out.

Looking for things to help but nothing can help. No will to do anything yet you want to do things but you have know will power. People who don’t understand what your going through will never know what your going through. Crying yourself to sleep at night because of your worries . Being tired during the day because you don’t sleep well and you can’t focus on your daily duties because you are deprived of rest. Taking everything people say to heart when it doesn’t need to be that way. Yearning for approval but not willing to accept yourself approval. Wanting to be accepted. Hurting yourself when things go wrong because you feel you need to be punished or because you feel people want you gone. These are things some people deal with on a daily. We take light to those who look for help but can’t ask for it. We look down on people who deal with this because we are ignorant to knowing what it is or how to help. Next time you see a loved one, friend etc ask them are they ok and you ask yourself if you are ok with that answer! 

8 thoughts on “Depression

  1. If this isn’t the truth, I don’t know what is! Especially in the Black community. We can be and are depressed but we were “taught” to be tough or it’s in God’s hands. Yes, I do believe that prayer, meditation, searching for wholeness can help but it’s aiding in the process. We have to actual Adresss it not dismiss it. Love you, great post!

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    1. Love you too and thank you. I agree this topic is played down so much in the black community. It’s as if it doesn’t exist and this has to change. Too many people fall victim to this disease because some don’t think it’s serious but it is

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  2. Well done Shannon. I’m sorry you’re struggling – as so many of us are – with the complexities of this life. I know I put on my happy face at times when all I really want to do is get in bed and cry. Like Nicole said, prayer and meditation help – absolutely. Practicing gratitude is what works best for me – and I’m lucky to be an optimist at heart. But the truth is that there will always be sadness and hurt in our lives – and we all have to find ways to face the ups and downs. And to love ourselves, to be compassionate to ourselves. I’m grateful to know you, my dear, Shannon! Please call me whenever you’re in the mood. I always love to hear your voice. XOXO Amy

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