Good day all how is everyone today? So this post is about etiquette and what is right and what is wrong. Basically how would you react to situations and would you approach that person of such. This is personal and general. Many people have friends and associates that ask you for things or favors of such and we sometimes do them or not, however when you do fullfuil those task are you 💯 ok with it or not? Many of you may know I am a hair stylist, even though I am not fulltime anymore with it I still do it . There comes a time where we have to put our foot down and say no or think before agreeing to a task. I always thought that I was too nice of a person that I would do things for people because I felt bad or I just felt uneasy. Thinking that they would take care of me one day. For years I have done that. It also got me to a point that I stopped doing hair all together because of disgust of bad etiquette. People take advantage and that’s a fact. People would ask you to do a service and make you feel bad for your fee so you drop your fee to satisfy them but hurt you in the  end yet they have know problem going somewhere else and paying full price for a service with know problem. That’s grime and horrible to do to a person you call friend specially when they take care of you. Resently I have done a service and till this day it bothers me because I felt very cheated and also offended to a point where I now look differently.  Yet I know that because the person I am, I just whatever with it but now it’s bothering me to the point where I no longer want to bother with any events pertaining to this person that I call family. I did services for this person yet I didn’t give my fee upfront I take blame for that however I figured ” this person is friend/family ” they will hook me up. WRONG, it was a slap in the face not only did I put out mare than I should I got nothing in return. I know we do things not to expect a return but this is my business and where is the etiquette? Do people not tip anymore if they done  a service for free ? Not 1 but 2 services. What kind of person are you to not know proper etiquette? When I get a service done I take care of that person because it’s proper and it’s what’s supposed to be done . Period and even if the service is free you bet your ass I’m gonna take care of them because I know how much stuff cost. The beauty industry is very expensive. Some people really don’t get the cost it takes to have GOOD product and service . Replenish what was used it cost. You love what you do but also want to make a profit not break even. Yes we lose people due to the cost but that’s life we have to stay true to our craft. You can’t go to a doctor office and say what you want to pay.  Your copay is like a tip when you get a service for free. Meaning your insurance is gonna cover the visit but you got to pay a copay “get it”. Does this mean that if you don’t take care of me I won’t take care of you? No I’m still gonna do my all because at the end of the day it’s my business and my name. But I will tell you this I won’t be available to those who try to play me. I can be petty if I want to. The moral of this post is learn etiquette and stop being selfish and acting like you don’t know better. 

4 thoughts on “Etiquette 

  1. This is so unfortunate and I’ve heard this story time and time again from people who provide many types of services. One thing I have learned is that no matter the relationship treat every service like business as usual. Another very important key is to charge what your service is worth. Some potential clients may pass on the service but that’s ok because if we are great at what we do there will be many more who will value what we have to offer. Took me a while but I finally get this. 😉

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  2. Hey Sweets,
    I agree with AK London, too. It’s so unfortunate. As a small business owner, I’ve learned to be upfront with people, especially friends and family – because it gets SO AWKWARD when there isn’t communication about pricing. Maybe you already have this, but a rate card for your products and services might help. You can always give close friends and family some sort of discount. For the free loaders, be sure to be upfront because they’re the ones who don’t realize how intrusive it is to expect you to do their hair for free. They treat it like you’re still girlfriends in HS braiding each others hair or something. They clearly don’t get it, so try this… “I really wish I could afford to do this as a gift for you, because you’re such an awesome friend, but that’s not the reality of my situation. Here are my rates – and I want to give you 10% off – that’s my friends and family discount, love. I totally understand if you can’t afford it and have to go elsewhere.” You can add your own sass and humor!
    It’s true that some people just don’t get it.

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