At some point we all have things we tolerate and things we don’t. At a certain age in our lives we one to realize that we don’t care about the things we used to care about. Me as I reach 35 in a few months I have come to realize that I have a low tolerance for bulkshit and I get upset a lot often than I should because people just irritate me more than usual. I’m becoming very blunt and quit honest give 0 fucks about people and their feelings. Some might ask why the change? Well it wasn’t a change I made on my own it was kind of a change that took over me. It was time I stopped caring and start being whatever with it. Why should I use up all my energy trying to make people happy or trying to be the positive person. Trying to help out as much as I can and gettin screwed in the end. Life brings you ups and downs but it teaches you from those things. It teaches you that you much take charge and stop people from taking advantage of you. Stop supporting people who don’t support you. Stop going the extra mile when people only go a yard. It’s not worth it. At the end of the day you will feel so much better. That doesn’t mean you become bitter or nasty, it just means you become aware of the bullshit!

3 thoughts on “Tolerance 

  1. I understand b/c I have realized that I invest a lot of emotionally energy into certain relationships. It’s just my nature to want to love, however, it can be extremely painful when that Love is not reciprocated. I also realized that it’s a blessing to have that loving capacity & that it will come back around to me in one way or another. Don’t be discouraged & keep being the loving & caring person that you are shannonnicole12. Your Love will make room for itself in your life. 😘😘


  2. This is the truth! I’m getting to this point as well. People will use you and run you down if we allow it. I don’t have that energy anymore either. I’ve taken on so much from others and I’ve gotten their tales to kiss in return. I’ll love some from afar or cut off those toxins.
    Good post!

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