The black community needs serious help. I say this with a heavy heart because we  are so divided and know it! Don’t get me wrong all races have their issues but when it’s time to support and come together they are strong and ready to fight for their cause. Unlike the black community we can never fully come together without reason.” If it don’t truly effect you there’s know need too” . Sad but true, y’all can get mad all you want but the truth hurts. For example, you start a business and ask for advice on how to get started , well unfortunately in the black community especially black woman they will not help you because they don’t want you to do better than them if they help you find your way. Other races will help each other because in their mind there is room for all and also they have enough confidence that another persons business isn’t their business so helping them get their way won’t take away from them. We are our own enemy . We riot when a unjust crime happens but that’s it we don’t take a stand and really change the cycle. We complain about how other races look at us but give them reasons to feel the way they do. Don’t get me wrong not all of the black community is divided but a lot of us are and we can’t get help if we are not willing to help ourselves. If you want change we much make the change. We must come together and make a change. Why do we like division? Why is it so hard to come together as a race and prove wrong? Is it hard to to? We are more than we think. We can def do anything in life so let’s show the world that we are great! Let’s not divide but unify !

One thought on “Divided we stand!

  1. Chile…… if this isn’t the truth! It’s the crabs in a barrel mentality. BP will do what it takes to bring the next one down. We don’t give resources as we should. I pray we can get it together one day!! And not only during Black Lives Matter protest!


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