Life! What is life when you don’t live it!?! Well in life we go through things that we can’t explain or rather not explain. We keep moments In our lives that’s scary to ourselves. When people see you they have know clue what your going through because you don’t look like your going through anything. Just because someone looks alright doesn’t mean they are alright. I have had people say what they need from me yet they don’t ask what I need from them. Assuming that everything in my life is A ok! They must be mistaken. Well about 6-7 years ago i had the worst scare of my life complaining about pain in my breast to blood coming out my nipples. Only to have immediate surgery scheduled the very next week. Come to find out It wasn’t cancer but it was a papilloma that would have turned into cancer if I didn’t say a word. My hair literally fell out, I had alopecia from the stress . Who would of thought that this could happen to me? Well it did but God had other plans for my life. Having complications with my wound , having to get it drained and packed for two weeks wasn’t fun. All of this going on while I still lived my life as usual no time for the pity but i will tell you that I will not forget who was there! We never forget who. Moving forward to present day. February here we go again same pain in the same breast as before , but this time there is a nice size lump i felt. What is going through my mind is not a good thing but I had my faith in the Lord to pull me through whatever it would be. Having to do a mammogram, sonogram and then a Biopsy to figure out what what growing or what was just chilling in my breast. This has been a terrible terrible month and just nerve recking to think the worst. Thinking about my kids, my husband . Worrying about if I have enough life insurance ,do i need more. ?All these things come to mind when you think of the worst. I couldn’t call my mom nor my grandma cause they are gone. So petty much I just called on the Lord. Here I am back at it again I asked why me? Thinking of all the things that is going on in my life this year I definitely didn’t need this. But God had more plans for my life this time because all care back clear. What a relief but that doesn’t stop me from being scared because I’m on watch . I write this to make everyone aware that you must take care of yourself. Check yourself, go to the doctor. Early detection is better than late . Be kind to others because you don’t know what a person is going through. Everyone has their struggles and we have to respect it. My family and health will always come first. I will no longer stress about things that are not in my control.

6 thoughts on ““The Scare”

  1. Wow! You are so right that people never know what each person is dealing with and going throug. Thanks for showing strengths and talking about your challenges. Your openness helps us all!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your story Love. You’re right… u never know what someone is going through. Some of those same thoughts about mortality I’ve shared as well…but God!….but God does have a greater plan! Thank u Sis, needed this motivation today! 😘

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts. This specific post was very personal because of what I have been going through this past month leading into to this month. People sometimes don’t get or care to understand what a person is going through when they only think of themselves


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