The big ole 17. What a number . Yet let’s talk about that. Me raised in the church from a baby to knowing the bible , getting baptized and loving the Lord . To having a baby at 19. And guess what she turns 17 this year. Going to college and coming home and welcomed by church members of the senior choir asking me if I’m going to keep the baby, yea you read right! Mind you only telling one person before I left for college to come back to the whole church knowing 😒. Church folks that knew me from birth talking abut me like i ain’t shit and saying things like I’m not gonna find out. Makes you think how fucked up a church can be. They turn their backs on you when you know longer fit their needs or expectations on life . When half of them was hoes, crackheads and straight up savages in their day and prob till this day. Know wonder they can’t keep a congregation and broke God don’t like ugly. Which is why i haven’t gone back . Mind you yes I did have both my kids Christened there and the Pastor marry me and my husband at the reception all . All that was done out of respect for my Grandmother. other than that we would have had a judge . Yep I said it that is how i feel . To have been there for so long I was there when we had great people even when we had a pastor that divided the church and come to find out he wasn’t even an ordained minister yet he brainwashed members and the church divided . It wasn’t the same since. Yet they got a new one but he wasn’t their first choice but he made due. But hey it,God’s plan right?This is why I don’t go back there and why I am so questioning joining other churches because I can’t believe “Christians ” can be so fucked up. And why I have a sour taste for “that church ” people always say their is a dm dark cloud over that place all the time. We all should wonder why. The big 17 is a great number my child is healthy and loved and live in a loving home that her ” parents ” provides ” ! This is my story if you don’t like it that’s not my problem, the truth hurts don’t it !!

6 thoughts on “17

  1. Yes I totally agree some of these church folks and so called “Christians” are always the first to throw stones. I’m very spiritual and I have a strong belief in God but I’m not sold on the idea of organized religion. People always tend to forget the true values of loving God and one another. Instead they come to gossip.

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  2. The church should be a place of love & refuge. Unfortunately there are many folks out there that have their own agendas that don’t truly include doing the Lord’s work. Smh…I’ve learned that the most important thing is our relationship with God. Stay connected to Him at all times & all will be well. I fortunately attended a great church but that wasn’t always the case. When I didn’t have a church I stayed prayed up & in the word nonetheless. When the time came for me to connect with a church it was just the icing on the cake. 😘

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  3. My mom left the church, too. A church is only one way/place to meet with God, right? And if that community is not healthy and loving, I think you’re wise to stay away. Of course there are wonderful churches out there – maybe one day you’ll find one that draws you in and inspires you. Personally, I believe that God is inside you – and all around you. XOXO Amy

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    1. I totally agree. I always felt a way after that time and it finally hit me to why. And I’m ok with that. I will find a church home one day but what I do know is . That church isn’t and I’m ok with it. And honestly now that my grandma is gone there isn’t any reason to even go there


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