How many of us have them!?! A simple question to ask really . How many do we have and do we really feel that they are our friends. Friends come and go which is why the word friend also have the word end in it. It is a relationship that can either stand strong or end wrong ( hey that rhymes lol) . But in all seriousness it is normal to feel away when things go wrong. We also have to be open minded as well. You can’t expect people to do what you would do, which means you can’t get mad if they don’t react the way you would . Also ask yourself are your friends moving in the direction you are moving in life? Sometimes the friends we grew up with or had long term through school moves in different directions than you. Some are good and some are bad. ” birds of a feather flock together”they say. It is true in a sense that you have friends that are not motivating , weak, lazy, just all around fucked up. You tend to follow that path as well. But the friends that are goal getters, life changers pushers . Live at high expectations, motivates you, are the ones that should be around in your life. Know one should settle for less in any relationship . Your friends help lead you to greatness. They tell you the truth even if you don’t want to here it and they are ride or die. You sit back and analyze your friends. You tell yourself who has been there motivating you giving you advice even when you know they are right and you get mad but you knew you needed that. You ask yourself what path am I taking. Remember everyone isn’t your friend . There are a lot of pretenders!

2 thoughts on “FriENDs

  1. You are speaking directly to me with this one! I am dealing with a lost friendship, but as you mentioned “end” of a friendship, after over 25 years. My view of friends has changed dramatically, after that recent lost.

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