Good evening all!

Things have been on my mind and most of it is due to life. Which is fine because that’s apart of us. I’m a person who holds pretty much everything inside . Until I black out but that’s another post at a later time lol. But on the real I checkout real quick. I was always told that what people say the first time is what they meant the first time. There is no time to take that back so how you felt is how you felt so let’s keep it pushing. Yet we forgive but we will never forget. Oh how things change when shit hits the fan. This goes for everyone, that’s apart of growing and staying true . No holding back. But let’s remember don’t question when someone no longer interact with you the same. Once they check out it’s a wrap. Question do you check out or just whatever?

One thought on “Checkout

  1. I had to read your post 3 times before I understood it – LOL! Hmmm…I definitely check out, move along, cut people off if the relationship is negative or toxic. I do try to give folks a chance, though. And there are lots of people in our lives who we can’t cut off because they’re connected to someone we love, so we grin and bear it and find ways to minimize contact. One of my goals is to try to see people with compassionate eyes. With certain people it’s really hard to do… I’m still learning, practicing. That said, I think it’s good to set boundaries and surround yourself with people who bring you joy! #choosehappiness


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