Good morning , it has been a very very long time since i blessed y’all with a post. A lot has happened within the last 10 months. Between my grandmothers passing and the passing of my heart and soul. To the passing of my sanity and passing of respect of people that showed who they are. But all will be explained.

My soul has been through a cycle of hurt, hate , depression and failure to understand. In life we know what will come but when it comes we are not prepared for that part. I knew what was coming but I was not prepared. I felt like God took my foundation from me. The cycle that was known became unknown and that hurt me deep.

Being left in charge of something big was a task that I couldn’t fail the pressure was on me. But I had to make sure that what I had in front of me went smoothly. But it didn’t the roads got rough and reality came on full effect. Some people think it’s a 1,2,3 type of thing but what they don’t get is it’s a long very long 1,2,3 step gig.

Wait for part 2

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