Brother Who???

Years ago a close cousin of mine told me I had a brother. I’m like “no I don’t, my dad only has me”. Her response was we not talking about him we talking about your real father. WHAT!! How? Who? and Why?. This is what was going in my mind like how could this be. My mom and dad were married. Who would ever think that their parents can be in such a scandal. Thinking my life was fucked up but damn its worst. So my cousin set up so i can meet this so called brother. I met him and we talked but i wasn’t sold. How can you say i have a father and brother with no picture of the father to go by? So i confronted my mom about it and she denied it and got very upset. So upset that she stopped talking to my close cousin and her mom as well. Yet my mom NEVER denied knowing this mystery “FATHER’. Things got really bad, so bad that i stopped talking to my best cousin as well and didn’t even invite her to my wedding years later 😦 . How would you feel in my shoes? your family throwing this info to you and you don’t know what to do because the person who can cosign the truth denies it. So years go by, we talking about i,m married almost 11 years with 2 kids later and I’m at my Aunt (older cousin we call them aunt because they are older to be our parents, its a black thing lol) Funeral and i’m with my close cousins in North Carolina and their aunt is looking at me and said to me that she is sorry but i look like her 1s’t cousin. So in my mind im like “here we go” so im like you have a pic of him. She didn’t at the time so i was like get me a pic. She said to me that she is positive im his daughter and i’m his twin. Mind you i always liked her because my cousins always talked about their favorite auntie and i was so jealous of all she did for them. Funny right! and she is BEAUTIFUL.

Good evening everyone!! This post is a very interesting post and a life changer. Earlier in my blog journey I had mentioned in a post that at times I felt that there were something missing from me. Well lets get to the beginning.

2 years later from that day my cousin mentions my possible “brother” and i asked how he was and everything. A month later i get a facebook request from my “brother”. So i’m like ok i’ll accept his request. At this point my mother is deceased, so she can’t fight me lol. He sends me a message saying “are we gonna do this DNA test or what?” im like send a picture of this man . So i received the pic of him and i dropped my phone to the ground because what i saw was a man who looked like me . I was his twin, i went and took out my baby pictures lol and was looking and i saw him and was scared to face the reality that this man is possibly my father and this man is possibly my brother. So i was like yes lets do this. I grew up thinking i was the only child. Thinking that it was just me. Always wishing i had a sibling. God had His time to open that door for me. But now we must wait!

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