The results are in. Thats what the email title was when the results came in. I was shaking and nervous and scared at the same time. I opened the results and looked at all these numbers and saw that my”brother” was my biological Brother, and that this man who is my twin was indeed my father !!! GTFOH !!!! I froze at the screen. I was happy because my brother have gained a relationship and i always wanted a brother.But i was sad because my mom lied to me and held information all those years. I have another side of family I now have to meet and grow with. These same family that knew of me now see me !

My close cousin and i talk all the time and i called her crying because i was in shock and she was right! now here is the kicker. Remember in the last post i mention my cousins aunt ? Well now my cousin aunt is now my 2nd cousin lol can isn’t that amazing news :). My father was my cousins father 1st cousin. So me and my cousins are double cousins lol. our DNA are all connected and we are very close in the chain.

I now have a brother and guess what yall i’m an auntie as well . I have a niece and i’m so happy about it. God has given me what i needed , there is always the right time for everything and this was the time.

As far are my anger towards my mom, i’m very upset , more so upset that she isn’t here to talk about the bullshit. I’m upset that i now have ashes of a man who i thought was my dad I’m also upset that i lost almost 37 years not knowing my family. I lost being there for my brother when my niece was born, having him at my wedding. My family at my wedding period. My life growing up was crazy! to be continued …..

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  1. Hey Shannon. Congratulations on finding your brother. I have a similar story but never found out if I really do have a brother because all my life I’ve been an only child. Where is your biological dad now?

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  2. Wowwwwwww this is juicy! It reminds me of when I found my dad real father and his three siblings. He thought he was the only child too LOL but this is amazing , you have a new side of family to get to know and love. I’m happy for you. Love youuuuu

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    1. Thank you boo, yes this is definitely a lot to take in. All these years thinking of a man as your biological father to later find out that he wasn’t and you also have a sibling is a lot to take. But I’m def looking forward to meeting my other side of the family


  3. Congratulations Love! So glad that you were able to make this connection. Excited to see what the future holds.

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