Year 1!

Good morning everyone, it’s been a while since I posted. A lot has been going on and things needed and still needs my attention. But I spared some time to write . The 23rd is the this month made 1 year since my grandmother passed. Some people ask shouldn’t I be over it by now? […]


Good evening all! Things have been on my mind and most of it is due to life. Which is fine because that’s apart of us. I’m a person who holds pretty much everything inside . Until I black out but that’s another post at a later time lol. But on the real I checkout real […]


Good morning world, today is Friday before the Mother’s Day weekend begins. As I sit back and reflect on the things that transpired in the last 6 months I realize that people are self absorbed within themselves with the bullshit that comes from them. That they don’t even realize the fucked up shit that comes […]


How many of us have them!?! A simple question to ask really . How many do we have and do we really feel that they are our friends. Friends come and go which is why the word friend also have the word end in it. It is a relationship that can either stand strong or […]


Good evening people, so it’s been a while . Reason for the title for today’s blog. These past five months have def taken a toll on me. My mind and my well being. I have taken on things that I prob should have thought more about , things that I didn’t think were going to […]


My dreams are so crazy it’s scary . So scary that you think you are living the dream. But guess what I did live that dream. I haven’t slept well since November 23, 2017 5:15am . The worst dream of my life. Speaking to her the night before and cooking to prepare for thanksgiving. Because […]