Good morning!

Good morning all, yesterday was a good day, a blessed day. It def can be worst. It's Thursday and for some of you the work week is almost over and for others it's has begun. Let's be productive and end your week off right.


So, some of you may know that I lost my mom 2 years ago December 12th. We had what you call a love hate relationship for reasons I will explain in a future post. But I loved her so much and I love her so much I'm in so much pain that I can't talk…


So many times I'm asked "what's wrong?". I normally say nothing but my face always gives its away. It doesn't matter how much I try to hide or change my face but it's just gonna be what it is. What can be done to fix that problem? Anyone besides me understands my pain lol?


Respect! Why is it so hard to come by nowadays? When you have friends or in a relationship do you show respect when needed? Do you even know the meaning? How do you show respect to others?